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  Hotel Centro Palawan  
  Address: San Pedro National Highway  
    Puerto Princesa City 5300  
    Palawan, Philippines  
  Phone No.: (048) 434.1111  
  Mobile No.: (0917)5991913  
  Fax No.: (048) 434.1111  

Puerto Princesa’s top-notch hotel for business travelers and tourists, Hotel Centro offers nothing but the best accommodation, service and Puerto\nPrincesa tour packages for those who wish to indulge in the country’s tropical\nparadise. 

Built in honor of the island’s great ecological diversity and\npristine beauty, Hotel Centro comes to life in a sprawling 1.2 hectares of\nwide-open habitat found right at the heart of Puerto Princesa.

One of the newest hotels in Puerto Princesa, all of Hotel\nCentro’s modern-classic designed guest rooms, banquet rooms and hotel facilities\nand amenities have been built with the guest’s comfort and excellent service in\nmind.

Come visit Hotel Centro.

Enjoy peaceful nights, cozy rooms, great service and the ultimate Puerto Princesa vacation. 



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